Good People

Damn Good Coffee. Period.

Unpretentious and unassuming. Although we take our coffee seriously, we definitely don't take ourselves too seriously. We've built decades long relationships with our loyal customers and we work with local distributors who share our values. If you have any questions, our baristas are skilled, knowledgeable and we love to get to know our customers on a personal level. 

Good Coffee

Start with a fresh roast.

For over 25 years we've honed our craft in our mission to make the perfect cup of coffee. Using the freshest, highest quality beans is the first step; we work closely with our green bean distributors to ensure we are serving you the best there is to offer. The Governor's Cup roasts beans daily in small batches on our vintage, cast iron Probat roaster. Its a cranky old machine but we truly believe there is no better way to do it!


Good Times

Arts. Music. Atmosphere.

Coffee culture is closely tied to the arts. Ask any artist or musician what fuels them in their creativity and you might hear an answer like "Coffee! Lots of it." At The Gov Cup, the feeling is mutual! We are proud to be a rotating art gallery and a weekly music venue.  We are passionate about music and feel honored to be able to share world-class musicians with our community.