For over 25 years we’ve been perfecting our roasting style for a truly great cup of coffee. For us, roasting is a science, but more importantly it is an art. Where times and temperatures stop, the heart and intuition of the roaster takes over, turning a science experiment into something beautifully tangible, delicious and inspiring. 

Using fresh beans of the highest quality is the first step; we’ve developed close relationships with our green bean traders to ensure we are serving you the best the world has to offer.  We roast in small batches on our vintage, cast iron Probat roaster. Its a cranky old machine but we truly believe there is no better way to do it! Roasting daily ensures the freshest coffee for our cafe and wholesale clients. If you strive for excellence and value quality and craft the way we do, we would love to assist you in achieving those goals. 

We offer a variety of coffee programs depending on your needs. Whether you’re a restaurant looking to elevate the current brew you offer, a cafe needing a full program including barista training, equipment and marketing materials, or an office that is simply tired of that canned, poor excuse for coffee, we have got you covered. We invite you to come along for this addictive ride and turn your own coffee experience into one that matters. 


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